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Foody: All in One Food Delivery App

Online food delivery app design and development
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We, at Designfy, had the pleasure to design and develop Foody— the largest food delivery app specializes in delivering meals prepared by productive families to customers across all areas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and soon to other countries in the region.

All in One Food Delivery Platform

With more people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a surge in demand for food delivery services during these days of social-distancing. In response to this crisis, Al Masaood, a pioneering company incorporated in KSA, has hired Designfy as a leading mobile app development company to develop a unique food delivery system with three mobile apps for Android and iOS under the name ‘Foody’, aimed to be the biggest eCommerce platform encompassing +100k productive families all over Saudi Arabia at the first stage of its launch. Foody allows producing families to reap higher sales by displaying their healthy meals in a way that enables them to reach the largest possible segment of customers in their home cities including, but not limited to, the surrounding public and private organizations, hotels, and clubs.

Actually, it took Designfy team months of dedication and hard-work to transform this promising idea, with all its complexity and unlimited features, into reality.

Foody was created and designed in an outstanding and user friendly way that focuses on providing an excellent experience for users. Particularly, providing customers with what they're looking for and making the process of food ordering as easy, efficient, and enticing as possible. As well, all of the aesthetics and visuals on the platform are of the utmost quality.

Indeed, we see a lot of potential in Foody and the ability to expand into international markets in the short term, in consideration of the following main facts; the owners mindset and their quest for success, the honesty and professionalism of the project management team, high-quality meals, wide variety of producing families, on-time delivery, order tracking, multiple payment methods and the ability to benefit from special offers, cashback and coupons in terms of discounts.

Foody Main Components:

Foody is considered the #1 eCommerce solution in the online food ordering industry in KSA, powered by machine learning technology to deal with the challenges and concerns related to this sector, like franchise management, driver performance metrics, detailed order histories, delivery time, and most importantly, ensuring a delightful customer experience and smart intuitive ordering through the website or mobile apps (iOS & Android). 

Foody key features are;  

  1. Appealing Web-interface for customers and productive families. 
  2. 3 mobile apps for customers, productive families and drivers on iOS and Android. 
  3. Cross-device compatible dashboard (Tablet, Desktop, Laptop or even smartphone)
  4. Sophisticated analytics tools to simply analyze and get insights of all running operations.  

Foody Administrative Sections:

Foody has multiple sections to easily manage all running operations. These sections and departments are categorized as following; 

  1. Section that combines tools for order management, order tracking, getting a new order notification, monitoring delayed or cancelled orders and fastly addressing any issues that arise before they impact customer service or interrupt the operation cycle.
  2. Section to set up roles and permission based on employees positions.
  3. Section for the review and acceptance of offers/discounts by productive families or the platform administrators, to increase customer loyalty and engagement.
  4. Section for couriers management and the ability for a driver to pick up multiple orders to speed up the process and optimize workflow.  
  5. Section for accounting, invoices and advanced reporting using the filtration tools to identify any arising problem and facilitate rapid response.
  6. Section for supervising productive families managers and drivers per each territory in the kingdom.
  7. Section for handling complaints from customers, productive families, and drivers.  

Solving the Biggest Challenges in Online Food Delivery Industry:

Controlling the delivery operation, shipping, fastest route, delivery time and number of deliveries or multiple deliveries at the same time, are among the biggest challenges that face online retailers, online food delivery or the E-commerce business in general. Since we—Designfy team, have been in business of mobile application development for nearly 12 years, we have gained experience in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and application types with a proven track of great success stories in solving such particular issues of single vendor or multi vendor E-commerce platforms, our team has developed a technology that allows Foody administrators to monitor their drivers and the delivery operation even beyond expectations as following; 

  1.  Captains registration and login through the website or driver’s mobile app (iOS & Android). Then, administrators have the ability review new registration requests, accept/reject them and approved drivers will get notified once their account is active.  
  2. Foody was built in a smart way to allow any of the following captains to register into the platform;  
    • Delivery captains directly employed by Foody.
    • Delivery captains employed by productive families. 
    • Third-party delivery companies.
    • Freelance delivery captains. 
  1. Administrators can easily identify membership type, and automatically pay their commission percentage.  
  2. An automated method that uses real-time traffic to plot the fastest route to producing families (pickup point) and customers (dropoff point) and the order delivery fee.  
  3. Foody gives delivery captains the advantage of getting delivery details in their app, insights of their performance at any specific time period and full reports of delivered orders.  
  4. Automatically assigning delayed orders to other captains.  
  5. Foody administrators will reportedly investigate any mistake, complaint or conduct that is ‘harsh or oppressive’ and would have to determine if the conduct is ‘unconscionable’ before taking the required action.
  6. The ability to suspend or terminate a driver’s access to the Foody platform upon any unpaid debts or  breach of the agreed terms.  
  7. Implemented tool to allow top-tier drivers cash rewards or bonuses, as it motivates drivers to offer a service that is friendly, punctual and responsive to customer needs.

 Literally, Designfy was keen to make sure that Foody is developed in a unique responsive design with custom features to keep customers happy and satisfied and that the platform stands out in the crowd of other food delivery apps & systems like Hungerstation, Mrsool, Jahez, and Talabat. 

Foody Advertising & Online Marketing Tools

Effective digital marketing and advertising strategy are imperative for the success of any eCommerce business, especially with the most competitive market like the online food ordering and delivery industry. That’s why Designfy has developed some important marketing tools to help Foody gain a competitive edge. These tools and features will help Foody administrators to provide a genuine and unique reward to easily build customer loyalty through the following ; 

Marketing offers for customers, which may take any of the following forms; 

  • Limited time offers and discounts for all customers. 
  • Discount for orders exceeding a specific amount.
  • Offers provided by some producing families.  
  • Offers provided to a particular profession, age group, or demographic.

Reward programs for productive families and delivery captains as following; 

  • Rewards for the highly-rated productive families.
  • Rewards for the high-performing productive families (Maximum orders & on-time delivery).  
  • Rewards for the highly-rated delivery captains.  
  • On-Time and Faster Delivery Incentives.

Approaching Foody customer base on every possible digital marketing channels and platforms to get new customers and amplify Foody revenue through the following;

  • Email marketing to reach more users with personalized messages, promotional mail, or inform Foody clients of upcoming reward programs.
  • Promotional personalized WhatsApp messages. 
  • SMS marketing to get noticed by potential customers and stay connected with current customers.  
  • Utilizing the advertising potential of social media marketing to provide a better experience and engage with existing customers, attract new ones, and protect Foody online image and presence.

Advanced In-App and Web Notification System

Perhaps a small detail, but it’s one of the most awesome features that distinguish Foody from the rest of the pack of restaurants and foodservice companies providing the same kinds of online ordering solutions. In-app & web notifications feature for increasing order volumes, simply conveying an update or important message to the platform users(while they are active in-app or on the website). Unlike SMS messaging, this notification tool is free of charge and allows Foody administrators to do the following; 

  • Instant notification for the producing family whenever a new order is placed (both in-app & on the website).
  • A trigger is sent to the producing family before the order due time. 
  • Driver app notification once the order is ready for pickup.
  • Customer real-time notification of the order status as following; pending, confirmed, preparing, on the way, delivered.
  • Customer notification in case of order cancellation by the productive family or Foody. 
  • Automatic notification of any delayed orders, so that Foody administrators can easily solve the issue and deliver the order on time. 
  • Notifying productive families whenever promotional offers are needed.
  • Notifying customers for any new offers, coupon codes, discounts & cash back.
  • Notifying administrators of any complaints about drivers or productive families. 
  • Admin notification of new productive families registration. 

Online Food Ordering Management

In the online food delivery industry, it is crucial for restaurants, kitchens, and food providers, to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and this can be achieved through superior customer service. Undoubtedly, having the right processes and technology for minimizing wait times is critical for achieving this goal. Foody’s primary mission is to make the order fulfillment process as streamline, cost-effective, and automated as possible. In this regard, our team has used cutting-edge technologies to delight Foody customers by allowing order delivery in a timely manner, anywhere around the cities of the kingdom, making the app their first choice, ensuring customer retention and repeat purchases.  

Moreover, the technology used in Fooody enables admins to precisely and smartly manage every step of the order journey, from the time an order is placed in the cart through the mobile app or the website, to the moment it arrives on the customer’s doorstep, including the order preparation time by the productive family. 

Because Foody takes customer satisfaction very seriously, we added a refund service feature that allows admins to easily refund the order amount to the customer’s wallet, in the case of any problem with the customer's food order. Moreover, the customer can use the money in their Foody wallet for the next purchase. Also, we’re working on adding a tool that allows refunding the money into the customer’s bank account, when using an online payment method.

Due to the fact that customer feedback/rating is a treasure trove of ideas for driving any online business into a success, the Designfy team empowered Foody with some measurement tools to check customer reviews and improve the service quality, brand loyalty, and make data-driven decisions, as illustrated in the subsequent sections.  

custom online food ordering app

Food for Special Occasions and Catering Services

One of the significant features of a highly ranked multi-vendor online food ordering portal, is the ability to order customized menus for special occasions. Designfy team was aware of the importance of such a competitive advantage and was keen to implement this awesome tool to help Foody customers order customizable menus and memorable dishes for any type of event; be it the preparation of a gathering, birthdays, engagement, anniversaries, or even weddings parties. Customers can in advance place their special order and get an offer price from their preferred productive families. It's that simple, Foody will guarantee the customer's special occasion order delivery with the best quality, at the right temperature, and that the food spends less time traveling and more time being enjoyed.

Financial Management Tools in Food Delivery

The financial and operational challenges faced by food delivery startups and multi-vendor marketplace solutions are immense. For instance, tracking costs, revenues, profits, and financial potential can be complicated and frustrating if the right tools aren’t present, due to the following reasons;  

  1. Many individuals benefit from the order value, including, but not limited to, Foody owners, productive families, delivery captains, courier services, area managers, and sales tax. 
  2.  Multiple payment options as in the following scenarios; 
    • When the customer uses a credit card or eWallet, the order value is collected from Foody administrators. 
    • For the cash on delivery option, there are two cases;
      • If the delivery captains work for the productive family, the order value is collected from the family
      • If the delivery captains work for a third-party or work independently, they must turn over payments for the delivered orders to the productive family or Foody.
  3. Distance-based delivery fees. 
  4. Deals and offers like free delivery or order discount.  

That’s why our team at Designfy has developed some accounting automation tools to save Foody owners time and headaches on such tedious and boring financial related aspects, so they can focus more on their real job and make Foody takes up a bigger market share and leaves very little room for the other players to compete.

Multiple Payment Gateways

As healthcare professionals fear that cash could spread the coronavirus, the Government of Saudi Arabia urged people to increase the use of digital payments (e-payments), in order to make payments contactless and to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on the country and its people, including businesses. For that reason, we built a robust payment solution in Foody to enable customers to choose their preferred payment option. For example, Foody users can pay via;

  • Credit/Debit card.
  • Mastercard.
  • eWallet.
  • Prepaid card.
  • Mada card.
  • SADAD.
  • Bank Transfer. 

Managing Delivery Areas Using Google Maps Places API

Foody users can easily add their addresses using the autocomplete function. Customers can choose their home, office, a friend’s address, or any other GPS location for delivery. This facility keeps customers up to date on the latest delivery status and provides drivers with accurate and precise locations. 

Interactive Food Menu

Exceptional e-commerce brands must have effective product pages that immediately convey the value of a featured product. They show potential customers what a product looks like, tell them what it feels like, and make them believe it’s something they absolutely need to own. The same principle applies to the online ordering systems, where the visual aspect of food and how it looks are one of the major factors that get people excited and trigger consumers’ online ordering through food delivery apps. Since the visual appearance of food is so important for a food-related eCommerce business, our designers made it easy for Foody productive families to manage and display their descriptive menus in the most appealing and interactive way as following;  

  1. Add photos of their meals.
  2. Categorize the items.
  3. Add and adjust meal recipes.
  4. Manage available items.
  5. Offer nutritional, sustainable, and allergen data.
  6. Update menus in-real time & hide items as stock runs out.
  7. Temporarily pause incoming orders for a specific meal.
  8. Determine menu pricing, offers, and discounts.

Best eCommerce Tools for Great Customer Service

In this digital-first world, eCommerce customer service is not simply nice to have, but rather a prerequisite for success and brand loyalty. That’s why creating stellar customer service tools can be a game-changer for any online business by making operations completely hassle-free and seamless. Being one of the leading web development companies, we identified and implemented the best practices through these exceptional tools, to help Foody administrators do the following;  

  1. Create ‘support departments’ (i.e., who are in charge of receiving and handling customer's suggestions and complaints).
  2. Respond to issues and complaints from customers, drivers, or productive families. 
  3. Recognize the complaint details in order to determine the actions needed to address the problem.
  4.  Generate advanced reports for better support. 
  5. Add multiple locations with their contact details and the ability to reach them via Google Maps to enable Foody customers visit the nearest address.
  6. Handle inquiries and requests of people interested to invest in Foody or open a franchise.

Food Delivery Apps and Customer Interaction

As we mentioned earlier, engaged customers are more likely to order from an enjoyable online service- engagement is the ticket to business success. And one of the most basic ways to get customers engaged, are the tools your platform provides to let users talk and interact with each other and with your support team.  For example, Foody has powerful tools to allow customers to share their preferred meals pictures across social media and multiple channels, using their mobile application or the website itself and get comments/thoughts from their family and friends. Additionally, the ‘customer engagement team’ can organize contests. For instance, offer a free (delivery) meal to customers with the best picture of any meal, or offer a reward for coming up with a great idea for a new dish. The options are endless! Providing this option to your customers lets them know you care about their feedback, specific wishes, and dietary preferences, and shows that you want to prepare their food just the way they like it. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to open terrific communication channels and bring your eCommerce business into previously unthinkable levels.  

Route Planning, Distance Calculation, and Logistics Management in Food & Beverage Delivery Industry.

The main difficulty is to deliver orders to customers from a large number of partners and to consider the unique delivery requirements of different dishes, products, traffic, optimal routes, and distance charging. That's why one of the biggest challenges for food delivery companies is to adopt an effective delivery route and distance planning solution.

Therefore, one of the main tasks of Foody is to calculate the right price for deliveries to a single location or thousands of locations around the KSA, determine the fastest and shortest route between our productive families in the kingdom and customer addresses, thus minimizing both delivery times and expenses. Besides, Foody admins have the ability to charge a base fee plus a per mile/kilometer fee, manually override pricing and distances for specific cities/ addresses, and set a maximum delivery distance regardless of the availability of delivery captain and willingness of the productive families, to always go above & beyond customer expectations. 

Managing Saudi Productive Families

Productive families (homemade food sellers) can easily register to the Foody platform using either their food delivery mobile app or the website, and fill out any necessary information and upload all documents needed for the background check. Then, Foody admins can do the following;  

  • Review and approve/decline the registration request from the sellers/vendors (productive families).
  • Create or update the vendors/sellers.
  • Allow which vendor custom attribute will display on the vendor profile page.
  • Generate an unlimited custom attribute for vendor sellers/vendors.
  • The vendor’s custom attribute visibility depends on the admin.

Real-Time Driver Tracking app

Real-Time Driver Tracking via Delivery App for iOS & Android with Geolocation

Once a new order is placed, all drivers in the area of the productive family will be alerted via a pushup notification in their driver app. Although delivery captains may be directly working for Foody, for the productive family, a third party courier, or as an independent driver, they will receive the order notification on their mobile app, and accept the order instantly to be able to view the order details, delivery fee, customer information including name, order item and location. 

The best thing about the geolocation-based driver mobile app of Foody, is that the route with less traffic and travel time is considered, so drivers can finish their routes more quickly and deliver the order in no time. Not to mention that customers will get real-time status updates of their order and know an accurate ETA on their orders. 

Moreover, Foody fleet managers can track driver's live location, location history, and deliveries in their dashboard to get full insights into business operations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Customer Feedback Tools

Continuous improvement drives both the improvement of processes and products of any online business. Companies that actively look for ways to enhance their business will invariably increase the value of their products and services. And it’s not surprising that in the online food ordering industry, food quality and service provider quality are two significant factors that influence the purchase decision of a customer and the overall revenue. Since Designfy has extensive experience working with retail clients, we implemented the most effective techniques to help Foody administrators capture customer feedback relating to food quality, items in the menu, staff and drivers behavior, delivery time, and so on. These metrics will measure customer loyalty and satisfaction, instantly turn customer feedback into easy-to-read reports for actionable customer insights and resolving issues efficiently.   

Licence and Document Management

Customer trust and loyalty in the online food ordering operators is a critical step to attract more customers, turn potential clients into real ones, and the overall business success.  For that reason, our software developers have created some features that guarantee the compliance of productive families, drivers, and delivery companies to the policies of Foody and Saudi government regulatory laws. Vendor/seller/food provider/productive family compliance helps guarantee a high-quality & healthy food delivery to the customer. To ensure this, it’s easy for these parties when registering to the system to attach health certificates, licenses, and maybe certificates of good conduct. All these aspects will be assessed and reviewed by the Foody specialized department.  

Financial and Operational Reporting

Management reporting is a source of business intelligence that helps business leaders make more accurate, data-driven decisions. Because Designfy is one of the top development companies and has an immense experience in that area, we're aware of the significance of developing robust reporting tools to handle the amount of business input and the level of detail required. In order to do so, our developers implemented a robust and comprehensive set of reporting tools, backed up with powerful visualizations to allow Foody admins to generate reports and query almost every aspect of the system as following;  

  • Generate full reports on order statistics and most popular ordered meals.
  • Financial reports to gain a better grasp of the financial status, both current and future.
  • Reports and financial information of productive families, chefs, kitchens, and restaurants.
  • Income reports for delivery captains. 
  • Reports on promo codes, discounts, and awards. 
  • Customer reports.
  • Sales reports.  

All these types of reports can be searched by a specified period and filtered, or sorted by any column on every report. Furthermore, can be exported directly to Excel for additional processing and filtering. 

Finally, such reporting tools provide insights on how Foody is doing, empowering decision-makers to find the right path to increase operating efficiency and make pertinent decisions to remain competitive.


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