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Tawridaat: Design B2B eCommerce Marketplace

B2B eCommerce marketplace design and development
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Tawridaat.com, Inc. is an Egyptian startup based in Cairo, Egypt, which focuses on B2B E-commerce.

Essential B2B Marketplace Features We've Implemented in Tawridaat

  • Native eCommerce marketplace "from-scratch".
  • It was designated to be a B2B multi-vendor ecommerce like Souq.com, Amazon, and Noon.
  • Multiple vendors on the same order.  
  • Product variants advanced inventory.
  • Integrated eCommerce accounting.
  • Aramex shipping API integration.
  • Online payment integration.
  • Ads algorithm, Offers, and Discounts.
  • eCommerce accounting "TAX, reports, invoices".
  • Generate catalouges and ask for qoutation.
  • eCommerce SEO Optimization + product image optimization


B2B Marketplace

Inventory Management

Online Payment Integration


Ads, Offers, and Discounts

Native Design and Programming

eCommerce SEO Optimization

Comprehensive Reports

Aramex Shipping Integration

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