Mobile App Development

Designfy is a leading mobile application development company in Egypt for over a decade and we build apps that are visually pleasing and have an intuitive user experience.

In this day and age, developing a mobile app that brings your business idea to life is one of the best and surefire methods to generate passive income. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your project or side hustle and build that app!

Our team in Designfy takes the helm to nurture your mobile app development from an idea that pops into your mind to a top-notch mobile app. We offer native iOS and Android app development services to ensure a robust result that meets the demands of our clients.

No matter what type of app you want to get, we don’t compromise user experience and business growth. That’s why we ensure a high level of cross-functionality on every platform: IOS and Android.

Besides using cutting-edge technologies and focusing on clean code, Designfy brings more creativity and innovation to your app. We don’t merely develop mobile apps that abide by technical quality high standards; we strive to come up with inventive and ground-breaking iOS and Android mobile apps.

Why is Designfy the best mobile app development company in Egypt?

Android and iOS Mobile App Development Expertise:

Designfy is the best mobile app development company as it assembles a team of experts who are well-versed in iOS and Android mobile app development. These two widespread mobile operating systems give you visibility and reach, but you need to resort to mobile app development experts who know how to get you the perks of these platforms. Technically speaking, an app should encompass many features including responsive design, high performance, clean code, etc.
Our mobile app developers know the inside out of all the iOS development tools such as  Cocoa Touch, Xcode Interface Builder, Core Audio, Core Animation and Android development components such as Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, Android Media APIs.  Ranging from entertainment and lifestyle to banking and education, we create a mobile app adaptive for android and ios.

Our iOS and Android mobile development services are meticulously devised:

When you sail at our mobile app company coast, we help you develop or pitch your idea to become a full-fledged concept. From the outset, we work hand-in-hand to flesh out concepts that matter. Our team of strategists overhauls your business concept and challenges your assumptions by triggering answers from you. “Why do you find this idea interesting?” “How is it useful?” “why users would download your iOS or Android mobile app?” and many other questions. This process of conception and strategy is the pillar of our iOS and Android mobile app development services.

It’s a huge step towards hours of wireframing, design and mobile app development. When your app is almost done. Designfy team further collaborates to put their finishing touching to every detail. As we aim at perfection,  your agile slick and responsive apps will definitely your audience whether on android or ios.

Comprehensive Prowess for Android and Ios development:

After its launch, we make sure we guide you to rank higher in Google Play and App Store, fix any upcoming problems and add new features. Our android and ios mobile app development services don’t take an end after the launch of your mobile app. With all the updates on Android and Ios, we make sure your mobile app is attuned to the requirement of the platform. Our extensive experience revolves around digital marketing, branding, retargeting and several other emerging fields.  This allows us to put your mobile up on the right track to attract users and gain a higher rank.

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