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Go Catch

Our Project

Our Project: Designfy was founded upon the premise of empowering our community and provide efficient solutions for people to upgrade their business. At the core of our mission lies the strife for a better society. Go Catch is our social media app that crowns all our efforts and goals. Our CEO Mahmoud El Awaamy: “ Go Catch is a social media app with a clear vision: we want to create a safe environment by reducing the scope of corruption, violence, and any felonious act. Go Catch aims to improve governance systems and tighten law enforcement.”.

Go Catch

Go Catch is a social media app exclusively conceived to report societal crimes such as bribery, corruption, robbery, sexual harassment, etc. It seeks to empower people to be whistleblowers and mobilize them for a real and sustainable social change. Users are able to share videos, files, and photos using their personal profiles or anonymous ones.

A dedicated community toward a society welfare

Social media has a powerful impact on us: it’s changing the way we live. At designfy, we wanted to capture and take advantage of this impact. The backbone of each and every social media app lies in the common interest it advocates. Go Catch holds a valuable common interest around which people would be mobilized. We wanted to create an agora where people are empowered to report social crimes fearlessly. Ultimately, these reports would compel government agents and policymakers to enforce the law and take corrective and preventive actions. Embracing societal responsibility and duty, users would build a community that creates social change. Aggregating people around social welfare is a potent common interest. At Designfy, we needed to make sure people would be engaged with our social media app and keep coming back to denounce any social issue. For this end, we integrated empowering features that facilitate communication between users. Through chat integration, comment section and likes, users would interact with each other and give vent to their opinions freely. They can also share posts on other social media platforms in order to expand their reach and raise awareness. However, Designfy team encountered another challenge while tackling anonymous accounts. Some users would tend to expel hatred and post inappropriate comments or videos. Others would respond to shocking videos by inciting more hatred or illegal actions. Any breach of Go Catch policy needs to be detected and responded to. We made sure we integrate our “social media policy”, “report features” and “age restrictions”. Users would know beforehand what they are allowed to do and what is deemed inappropriate. This way, we ensure our community is dedicated toward one goal without having to tackle inappropriate content, be it posts or comments.

Keeping Anonymity, Enhancing Safety

The main goal of Go Catch is to enhance safety and authenticity. After a thorough study and research about user personas, users who would like to use our social media platform and report illegal and unethical practices. We came up with mainly two types of users who would be propelled to use Go catch. The first type of our users would be endowed with enough audacity and fearlessness to uncover their true identities and use their personal data to upload their content. On the contrary, others would balk at using their true name, address and phone number to post their reports openly. Designfy team understands the drawbacks of public profiles on such a bold social media network. Thus, we integrated the option of creating anonymous profiles to encourage people to denounce any social violation or crime without disclosing their true identities. Creating an anonymous social media app comes with a myriad of challenges to overcome. The bedrock of Go Catch is advocated upon tightening the bonds of trust, credibility, and transparency. When we promise our users to keep their privacy and anonymity, we have to guarantee an ultimate level of confidentiality and security. To shield users from data leaks and privacy intrusion, Designfy team resorted to the latest practices like multiple layers of encryption, fake and random user ID and more.


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