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15 Top Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Try in 2021

In this day and age, developing an app that brings your business idea to life is one of the best and surefire methods to generate passive income. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your project or side hustle and build that app!

It turns out, as the unfolding of events has proved, that a post-pandemic world is a fertile land for a mobile app development company to help make users’ lives easier and safer with online alternatives that minimize physical effort.
Despite the situation, many people were able to start a business and make it grow, as long as they were relying on apps and delivering software services. Does that mean that everyone has become a mobile app developer? Far from! That’s what app development companies are here for, and that’s where they can help you manifest your idea and bring it to life.
What if you want to start a business, have the financial means, the energy, but not the idea? Well, you’re in luck, because in this article, I’ll tell you about the top 15 app ideas for startups to try in 2021.

15 Top App Ideas for Startups to Try in 2021

With all the available possibilities and industries, how to choose between online app development companies? Better yet, how to find the best mobile app development company in Egypt? And when you do, how can you choose the best idea that suits you?
Choosing a field that you’ve had some experience with is definitely a bonus, or at least have a passion for. The next step is to listen to the recommendations of the mobile app development company of your choice, which you trust, ideally. So let’s delve into Designfy’s most recommended options!

1. Lodging or Apartment Rentals App

If you pay attention to the market -and groups on Facebook-, you’ll easily learn that there’s a whole world of people living in other cities than their hometown. Be it for work purposes or for studying, they have one thing in common: They’re looking for a place to stay.
Providing a means for a landlord to find a tenant and vice versa for a small fee is bound to help you earn very well and very quickly.
All the work will go into connecting with the landlords or people who provide the accommodation, deliver a marketing campaign to bring awareness, and find a reliable app development company to help the two groups connect with a simple interface.

2. Food Delivery App

Speaking of expats or people that moved out of their hometown, they typically have busy schedules, and that’s why eating well is a problem that usually faces them. Another excellent app idea that addresses the same problem is a home food delivery app.
Through the app, they can order home-made food, rate cooks, and recommend meals to friends. And while the target group would be those living alone or out of their hometown, families are bound to give it a try as well!
And if you’re interested in the food and beverage industry, want to know more about this huge blooming business and how the best food delivery app should look like, you may check Foody — the biggest food delivery app Designfy has built for productive families in the KSA.

3. Home Cleaning Service App

Another appealing app for a person or family with a busy schedule is a home cleaning service app. You know the hassle of finding a good cleaning lady that tackles all the mess around the house!
Instead of relying on word of mouth, provide people with an app that recommends them the best cleaning ladies, and take a small commission for each booking process. You can check out how a service like this can be turned into an app if you check out how Tayasir works.

4. Social Networking App

Aristotle said that “Man is a social animal,” and this is a fact whether we’re in ancient Greece or in the heart of modern Egypt. That’s why an engaging social networking service that brings people together through fun activities is a no-fail idea.
Think of Snapchat, Instagram, Discord, DiscourseHub, or even Tumblr and Pinterest. As long as you provide people with a source of entertainment that they can share together, you’ll do well. This is especially true if you can add gamification and points to the app.

5. On-Demand Delivery App

With the ever-increasing responsibilities of life, we may not always have the time to run some smaller errands, which leads to postponing them or maybe never getting to finish them.
An on-demand delivery app is an excellent method to overcome this issue, and it could involve running everyday errands, to very personal ones like sending a plate of tasty lasagna to your auntie that lives a little too far.

6. Fintech App

In this day and age, fintech is taking over, because it facilitates dealing with money, which is perhaps the most demanding of responsibilities.
From mobile banking to insurtech apps that provide affordable insurance plans and all the way to personal finance and loan management apps, the ideas when it comes to fintech are endless. Amicable loans are nothing new in the Egyptian culture, and an app that can track these loans and advances can work wonders for those who frequently need to tide themselves over until the next payday.
The app can also work to track loans with banks, financial institutes, and more. And if you integrate it with a UPI app (which we’ll discuss later), you can make the whole process so much easier for lenders and borrowers alike.

7. OCR App

Optical recognition apps and services are handy tools that save plenty of time. Converting text extracted from an image file (PNG, JPEG, and more) into a text file or a PDF into a word document has got to be one of the most sought-out services thanks to the time-efficiency the process offers.

8. Fitness Tracking App

A mobile app development company in Egypt can help you personalize the fitness-tracking experience by adding the everyday cultural food in the calorie-intake section, which is something that plenty of us look for but can never find.
Mix that with activity tracking and perhaps a meditation/yoga section, and you’ll get a completely integrated fitness tracking app. For advanced options or detailed reports, you can add paid packages.

9. Railway Tracking App

Be it a tram, train, or metro, Egyptians love using railways for transportation purposes. And if you can create an app where the user can track the next vehicle, know how much time they have to wait, as well as check the routes, you’ll secure huge amounts of traffic to your app as you help people navigate actual traffic on the street!

10. eCommerce App

Everybody loves shopping, but not everyone can stand going around shops for hours on end and sifting through endless items of clothing to get to a piece that might suit you or buying a tablecloth from one shop only to find it for a cheaper price at the one next to it.
This is why eCommerce apps are so popular. They solve all the in-person shopping shortcomings as well as provide a wide portal for suppliers and shoppers to meet.
Shoppers can search for specific items, set budgets, and choose from various buyers, while suppliers can represent all their products more easily as well as handle logistics and shipping with less troubles.

11. Virtual Study Groups App

A lot of students find virtual lessons a bummer because they simply don’t get as much interaction with colleagues and friends. And that’s why a virtual study group is an excellent way to bring students together and help them learn.
With the right tools and options, you can imitate a real-life study group, and perhaps make it even better with shared flashcards and notes!
Generally speaking, managing education-related hassles with an app makes the process a lot easier and more convenient for both teachers and students.

12. UPI App for Payments

A UPI, or unified payment interface app, is an app that allows you to connect your bank account and conduct payments in real-time using it. Not only does this make payments easier, it also allows you to track your spendings, and even pay people back instantly if they also have a wallet on the app.
This kind of app is the new hype, and for a very good reason. Who doesn’t love payments made convenient?

13. Medication Planning and Reminders App

Ask any patient with a chronic condition and they’ll tell you that the one thing they always have to worry about is remembering to take their medicine on time. This is why an app that sends reminders and sets schedules for medication is a handy tool that will serve a huge percentage of people.
You can also add paid features like tracking the medication the user has left and automatic orders when it’s about to run out as well as quick, affordable online medical consultations for minor issues.

14. App for Walking Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend, and plenty of people adopt or buy dogs out of love, but don’t seem to find the time to walk them. An app that brings trainers and dog-owners together, like any app that brings a service-provider with a customer that needs it, would be an excellent way to overcome this issue. And while the target audience is quite specific, they’re plentiful.
You can also add paid features like walk scheduling, reminders, vet visits, and nutrition-related options.

15. Logistics and Truck Booking

How many times have you had to move furniture, equipment, or machinery but couldn’t find a decent truck to tackle the job? With a truck-booking app, you can connect truck drivers with customers that need to move their belongings around safely and quickly.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, developing an app that brings your business idea to life is one of the best and surefire methods to generate passive income. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your project or side hustle and build that app!

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