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8 Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

"Most of the tips you’ll find when it comes to choosing a mobile app development company will have to do with the reputation, professionalism, and completed works of the company. This is where Designfy really shines".

Having a million-dollar idea but lacking the means to bring it to life is such a common issue these days. So, are you trying to choose the best mobile app development company to provide you with technical requirements to kickstart your business? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you the most important tips that help you choose a company that suits your business needs and meets the technical requirements in order to optimize resources without compromising quality. Hang on tight and let’s delve into it!

8 Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

1. Determine What Your Business Aims to Achieve with the Mobile App

Before you get down to the nitty gritty of mobile app development, it’s important that you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with the app. Is it delivering a better learning experience? Online shopping and delivery? Successful and uninterrupted streaming? There has to be an end goal that you define clearly, not only to yourself, but also to the mobile app developer. This is also going to be the standard on which you’ll base your progress and success in the long run.

2. Check Out the Portfolio of the Mobile App Development Company

Naturally, the best way to predict the level of professionalism, accuracy, and execution you’ll be getting from the company is to check what it has done for others before you. This is why the portfolio is the most important page to check out. You can find it in the “Our Work”, “Case Studies”, or “Portfolio” sections of the company’s website. Make sure the company is clear and transparent about their previous work, and that they allow you to view it in-depth in order for you to be able to make the call. Naturally, the more projects that the company has worked on, the better that they would be able to work on yours. Their experience on what would work and what wouldn’t in order to achieve your end goal is a crucial pillar, and having made actual projects before makes the company more reliable in the advice they give you.

3. Go Through Their Reviews, Feedback, and Ask References

Firstly, reviewing case studies is an excellent way to gauge just how professional the app development company you choose is. This enables you to estimate how successful your pitch can be with the company you choose. On the other hand, checking out feedback and reviews from clients helps you understand the reputation the company builds for itself. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the company you choose goes a long way when it comes to getting the best out of it.

4. Read Into Their App Development Options'

Naturally, there are various types of apps that a company can develop, including Android app development, iOS app development, or fully-designed or custom apps with personalization. Of course, your target audience plays a huge role in this area, as well as how much competition you’re willing to stand up against. For example, Android apps come in a dozen, amounting to up to 2.57 million apps in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, the Apple App Store has 1.84 million. As for the lowest competition, the Windows Store has 669 thousand apps, while the Amazon Appstore only has 489 thousand. You might also want to look into cross-platform app development if you’re going to venture into both markets, progressive web app development, and hybrid app development.

5. Choose a Company with Excellent Delivery Management

Developing an app is a lengthy and complicated process, full of technical jargon that your average non-technical user probably wouldn’t understand. This is why some companies don’t keep clients posted, thinking that they’re sparing them the technical talk, and of course, sparing themselves from the explanations that aren’t always quite easy. However, a good app development company will keep you posted with updates regarding the progress of your app and its development cycle. Especially that one little mistake or delay with the delivery schedule could cause a domino effect and have a huge impact on the project’s deadline. If you’ve had any work with app development companies, you’ll certainly have gone through the hassle of delaying the launch of an app or some of the features due to the unplanned mishaps that force you to postpone. That’s why you should seek out companies with reliable delivery management, which you can gauge from the conversation with their personnel as well as checking out their reviews.

6. Make a Verdict Based on the UI and UX Design

If you’re choosing a company that will develop your apps and help you represent yourself to the world, it only makes sense that you choose one that represents itself in an extraordinary way. Make sure you’re getting a smooth and intuitive UX and that you approve of the UI. After all, this is how your own customer or clients would be feeling about your app when the company at hand develops it for you. How many times have you stopped using an app with excellent utility because navigating it was complicated or because its design was just dreadful? As a matter of fact, the following statistics might make the picture clearer:
  • Studies show that every $1 you invest in UI/UX design will return $100 in revenue. I.e: You get a 9,900% ROI!
  • 85% of users think that a company’s mobile app and website should exceed the desktop one in quality.
From this info, and the fact that most people on the internet connect through their phones rather than through their desktop devices, we can infer just how important it is to create a user-friendly mobile app.

7. Look for Extensive QA and Testing

The more personalized your app is, the higher the chance that it would have bugs and technical errors. And while some bugs here or there is a normal occurrence, if the company you’re working with doesn’t have extensive QA and testing measures, it won’t be in your best interest to seal the deal with them. So, make sure they follow the latest manual and automated quality assurance and testing measures.

8. Security of the App Idea

When it comes to safety, you have to make sure that the developers are well-versed with the most important and prevalent security protocols in order to protect your data and the data of your users against any leakage. Not only that, but one of the biggest threats for an app under development is the leaking of its idea. This is probably why you -rightfully so- sought out a development app instead of trying to pitch it to developers around you to see who would offer to handle the job. Again, this is why it’s of utmost importance to learn about the reputation of the company you decide to work with, check out its previous app designs, and try to research whether or not plenty of occurrences where replicas were found in the stores before the original app was released.

What Are the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Egypt?

The business of mobile app development is quite competitive and ripe, which paves the way for the existence of many companies like Mercury Development, The NineHertz, NetGuru, Algoworks. But these are all based in the USA or Europe, which makes them quite pricey when you think about the difference in currency. So, you might ask yourself about the best mobile app development companies in Egypt. The market in Egypt is still blooming, especially when it comes to dealing with technicalities. Designfy is one of the best options out there, and for a number of reasons. So, what makes Designy as trustworthy and professional as global competitors?

Why Designfy Is the Best Mobile App Development Company in Egypt?

Most of the tips you’ll find when it comes to choosing a mobile app development company will have to do with the reputation, professionalism, and completed works of the company.This is where Desifny really shines.

1. Mobile App Consultation

No matter how well-versed you are with the field or industry that you’re in, you wouldn’t be as knowledgeable as a mobile app developer when it comes to the technical aspects. That’s why an app development company is an ideal method to bridge that gap. And this is one huge advantage that Designfy offers: free consultation. You can discuss the idea you want to pitch with the founders, and they’ll ask you important questions that work as a SWOT analysis for the idea. With plenty of knowledge when it comes to the various business models in each industry, they’ll easily be able to tell you the level of resilience of your app idea. And the best part is that they do this bit for free, unlike most mobile app development companies.

2. A Comprehensive Portfolio

Unlike the case with most companies, you’ll find the “Portfolio” right there at the top for you to check out the case studies and review our previous work. Not only that, but the page also gives you filtration options, where you can check out the mobile applications, websites, or full packages individually. And to top it all, there’s a detailed description of the UI and UX of the apps we developed, explaining to the user -and our clients- every little detail about the app. This includes the components and key features, the elements found on each page and what we serve, just how the idea of the app would be helpful to the user, and more.

3. Transparency and Integrity

The transparency is just beyond description. Each project our team has worked on is listed, with the ability to directly hit the link of any company hired Designfy as their technology partner and check out their platform and mobile apps, as well as details regarding the technologies used in the development process. So, you can see whether they worked with JavaScript, HTML, Node.js, PHP, React Native, and more.

4. Multi-purpose Native App Development

Instead of having to choose one service, or having to pay for Android app development and iOS app development alone, Designfy gives you the full package. The service is tailored and personalized from the get-go, and we’re as flexible as it could get. Thanks to the SDKs offered by owners of the platforms (like Google and Facebook), these apps can run on whatever platform you choose. Designfy comes with undisputed runtime performance thanks to the fact that they directly use the platform's data via SDKs, and they are cost-effective as building and providing maintenance to multiple codes for different platforms can be very pricey in the long run. And this is exactly why Designfy can offer excellent service at a pocket-friendly price.

5. Diversity

No matter the concept you have in mind, it’s probably there on Designfy as they’ve worked in various fields, including foods and beverages, education, health, business and eCommerce development, productivity, religion and spirituality, games and entertainment, and more!

How to Contact Designfy?

You can either give us a mobile call at (+20) 100-132-137-9, or a landline call at (+20) 337-737-10. On the other hand, you can visit our head office at Villa 82 G, 1st Gate, Pyramids Gardens, Giza, Egypt. Alternatively, you can send us an email at info@designfy.net, or through the contact page on our website.

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Moaaz Aly
Actually Designfy is the best mobile app development company in Egypt.

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