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Our Latest Solutions for Travel Agency and Ecommerce Business

Specifically developed for retail and online travel agencies to keep up with the ever-growing digital changes and build a fast and secure portal that meets both their needs and their customer’s demands. 24 travel agencies in Egypt use our Travel Agency Solutions to enhance their online presence and maximize their revenues.

Why you should opt for Travel Agency Solutions brought to you by Designfy?

Travel-specific options:

In Designfy, we are aware of the specificities of the travel sector. Our Travel Agency Solutions are permeated with options that will make it easy to handle and manage. Your dashboard doesn’t require any tech expertise or prior experience. It’s conceived to make things as easy as possible. For instance, implementing itineraries and tours are effortlessly and effectively done in our solution.  Your hot and seasonal offers would be displayed in a separate category for you to modify and for your users to get notified about special or exclusive offers.

Responsive Design:

Static websites don’t work anymore as they are outdated . Your potential customers would be tantalized only through creative and responsive design. No matter which device they are using, your website will be displayed with top-notch quality that reflects your brand. As travel agencies need to attract people from all over the world, our product is designed with keeping this in mind. Your potential customers will effortlessly change the website into the language they speak. This is to say, you will be building relationships without encountering language barriers.

Feature-packed Portal:

Our portal includes many features you would fall in love with, including:

  • Internal Search Engine
  • Secure Online Payment
  • SEO Optimization
  • Blog and Galleries
  • B2B Registration
  • Much more

Our E-commerce and Retail Solutions


Specifically developed for marketers, retailers and store owners to embrace the latest omnichannel marketing or launch their business online from scratch. Whatever the e-commerce model you want to invest in, Designfy customizes your website to achieve your business goals and maximize your sales revenues.

Our ecommerce and retail solutions come in two integrated versions: an online website, a mobile application for iOs and Android. We guarantee your omnipresence in the digital landscape.

Over 52 stores across North Africa and GCC use our E-commerce and retail portal and they are increasing their revenues up to 48%.

Why should you resort to our e-commerce and retail solutions?

If you have an already-run business, it’s high time to opt for omnichannel marketing strategy:

Having an e-commerce website is not an option; it is a must. A brick-and-mortar store is no longer enough for marketers to conquer their business sector nor for the customer to cherish an integrated and holistic shopping experience. You should reach customers through a multiple of channels, ensuring them a top-tier experience no matter which purchase means they opted for.

Launching an omnichannel has never been easier than using our Ecommerce solutions. Their responsiveness, consistency and scalability will inevitably lead to your ultimate omnichannel marketing goals: leveraging customer retention rates and skyrocketing sales.

If you are thinking of  starting an ecommerce business, we make sure you’re on the right path:

As an e-commerce web development agency, Designfy knows the intricacies and hustles coming with starting a successful e-commerce business. From the onset, our ecommerce professionals conduct thorough research of your business sector, competitors and target audience. We make your business a journey, not an adventure.

Our ecommerce and retail solutions are meticulously designed to make your step forward to the digital world as smooth and seamless as possible. We integrate a comprehensive dashboard within your website and apps to effortlessly handle your advanced accounting system, reports, online payment and delivery time.

Moreover, we never say “goodbye” when your website is set up. Our team of e-commerce experts will assist you, supervise your performance and manage your customer service.

It’s not a just website; it is a high-class website:

In Designfy, we don’t develop dull websites; we take software solutions to the next level. That is why our website and apps are high-class. Your ecommerce website assembles a package of features, you need for a successful e-commerce business. Our ecommerce website is woven with these diverse and versatile features:

    • effortlessly manage, edit, delete or add products through Catalog and Product browsing
    • secure administrative access and real-time availability of data and reports from your vendor storefront
    • potent networking through implementing Referral Marketing Strategy.
    • real-time availability and responsiveness thanks to Instant Notification system
    • build long-lasting relationships with customers through a multiple of options such as SMS verification and delivery procedure.

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