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Beautiful websites in 2021: 7 Web Design trends and tips

A beautiful website attracts, converts and retains visitors. Entering the first chapter in the next decade means having a lot of changes ahead. Hard to believe, but website design is where we will see all of the emerging technologies and trends assembled and reflected. Seeing the second 2000s decade folding, we can conclude that web design has significantly changed and developed to combine creativity and innovation with technology and practicality. Making the balance between both coins, technology and aesthetics, will inevitably lead to a beautiful website attuned to 2021. Whether you are an established designer, website owner or someone who is looking for the best web development and design agency to launch your business website. You are all concerned with these to-be-leading design trends and tips.

Web Design Trend #1: Minimalism for a beautiful website:

Design trends wax and wane over time. But, minimalism has never lost its appeal. Abiding by the timeless rule “Less is more”, minimalism offers a great visual aesthetics and enhanced user experience. Minimalist design involves simple yet clever color palette, whitespace, color contrast, typography and more. It’s all about showing visitors what they need and want to see without distracting them with a myriad of useless or overwhelming design features. Designing with clear and focused intent is the number 1 trend in 2021.

Web Design Tip #1 Restrict yourself to features people will find useful. When people are smoothly led to your goal, you are achieving two main goals at once: beautiful website and growing business. Web design should be focused on results. Minimalist design helps you defining your design process accordingly.

  • Choose eligible font
  • Keep your color palette minimalist
  • Choose simple geometric shape
  • Add some cleverness to your web design
  • Unleash your creativity

Web Design Trend #2: Micro-interaction:

Microinteractions are those tiny events designers create to trigger emotion and add a human and welcoming edge to every beautiful website. When you put a “like” on a Facebook post, the beep you hear is called a micro-interaction. It’s more than a mere visual element; it’s care that leads to sales. Business Websites will be heavily loaded with these tiny micro-interactions to stand out from their competitors.

Web Design Tip # 2: Create meaningful micro-interaction. Web design is guided by purpose. Study your visual feature purpose and make it as intuitive and simple as possible. You can resort to hover, scrolling animations, Interactive pictures, chimes, and many other techniques.

  • Study the task a micro-interaction is supposed to accomplish
  • Create the right trigger to initiate your visual element
  • Keep it consistent and simple
  • Restrict yourself to a definite range of interaction.

Web Design Trend #3: More Videos:

It’s no secret by now that Google put web pages with diversified content above other pages. This is not only an advanced SEO strategy to embrace but also an aesthetic choice. Videos are more beautiful on your homepage than static images. They grab your visitor’s attention and trigger them to contact you.
Web Design Tip #3: Create a video background on your homepage and insert more videos on your landing pages. Create a sense of excitement and more vibes by presenting to your audience what you can offer and what they can get when they opt-in. Video content creates beautiful websites, elicits emotion, sets brand awareness and more.

  • Don’t choose a random video.
  • Put it the right way and in the right section.
  • Make it in tune with your overall web design.
  • Test more than one video and get feedback from people around you.

Web Design Trend #4: Beautiful Website with Thumb-friendly Navigation:

With the proliferation of mobile devices, designing a beautiful website involves designing thumb-friendly navigation. The use of smartphones and tablets witnessed a surge of 54% in 2018. Your visitors are likely to be using mobile devices when they overview your business website. Thus, they expect more than just a beautiful website. They expect to have optimum navigation where their fingers can smoothly move and their actions and activities are accurately executed.

Web Design Tip #4: Use the best of UX/UI design principle to guide you through creating thumb-friendly navigation. Make clutter free thumb zone to enhance obstacle-free user experience. Consider all the gesture control principles and thumb movement predictive systems.

  • Use mobile thumb zone effectively
  • Predict the user thumb movements
  • Make use of easy gestures like tap, double tap, pinch or zoom to guide your user
  • Use hidden menu; dropdown menus; sticky footnotes.

Web Design Trend #5: Keep it Neutral and Add a Bright color:

We’ve seen a lot of black/white contrast over the few past weeks. But it seems like people have got enough of them. Color in web design has never been that confusing. Choosing the right palette for your business website is a quite daunting decision. While rules are never taken-for-granted, at Designfy we believe a bright color can add an elegant edge to your site. Align it with neutral counterparts and you will have your beautiful website well-designed.

Web Design Tip #5: Don’t be afraid of using bold colors on your business website. Vibrant colors will be the next web design trend and the next killer visual feature.

  • Make it bold yet balanced
  • Use unique color palette
  • Choose an elegant color scheme

Web Design Trend #6: Say Yes to Diversity:

While designing a business website don’t forget that the web is World Wide Web. Remember that the web is made to connect people all over the world regardless to their ethnic identity, gender, culture background, age, abilities and so on. Your visitors want to see themselves reflected in your products and services and forge a human connection with you.

See how android strives to create different emojis with different skin tones and gender identity? It’s the same for your business website. You should put extra effort in giving visibility to your visitors within your digital space.

Web Design Tip #6: Use diverse personas in your business website design. Study all your user persona and take your time defining their header, end goals, demographic profiles and scenarios. Represent all of them in your site.

  • use socially conscious photos
  • Make your site as inclusive as possible
  • Be tactful and don’t fall in clichés
  • Don’t use stock photos

Web Design Trend #7: Design For All:

In 2021, designers will go for web design for all. It’s more than a web design trend; it’s creating a better digital world for everyone. Your business website will be accessed by people with different range of abilities. 1 billion people all over the world suffer from one or many types of disability. Your visitors can be one of this 15 % of the world population and have their own impairments like dyslexia, color blindness, physical injuries and so on. Make things easy for them and offer them the same experience. The result is a beautiful website accessible to everyone.

Web Design Tip #7: Accessible web design is not mastered by everyone. Opt for a web design company with advanced UI/UX design services. If you want to take the leap and do it for yourself, make sure to make things easy and simple.

  • Use clear and bold typography.
  • Don’t use too many bright colors
  • Use bullet to organize your content
  • Don’t overstuff text
  • Write in a plain language

The button line: 
In 2021, web design is getting all the more human-centric. Designing a beautiful website with awesome visual features is not enough. A beautiful business website encompasses aesthetics, technology, and efficiency.
If you want to get a beautiful website and boost your business, Contact Designfy team and let’s discuss your business needs and goals.

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